Minutes of Executive Meeting Dated 13.6.2012


Venue: MCTA Office
Date  : 13th June 2012 (1:00 PM)

Members present:

1. Mr.Thanglura 2. Mr.J.H.Zoremthanga 3. Dr.P.L.Ramliana
4.    Dr.Lalhmingliana 5. Mr. CVL.Tlanhlua 6. Mr. R.Lalthanliana
7.    Mr.Vanlalmawia 8. Mr. H.Lalnunmawia 9. Mr. R.Lalhmingthanga
10.    Dr.B.Lalrinsanga 11. Mr.H.Lalvullliana 12. Dr.Malsawmliana
13.    Dr.B.Zoliana 14. Mr. Lalchangliana 15. Mr. Lalhmingthanga
16.    Dr.C.Lalremruata    

Mr. Thanglura, the President of MCTA was chairman of the meeting. Before the discussion of agenda the chairman invited the General Secretary to explain the agenda and to give a report of the resolutions of the earlier meetings and actions taken on them. The following were reported:

1) General Secretary’s Report: Dr. P.L.Ramliana, the General Secretary gave a brief report of the actions taken on PBAS/API, Draft Service rules, Subject Rationalisation, Professors post in colleges, Provincialisation of Kamalanagar College, and publication of Press Release.
2) Financial Report: Mr. H.Lalnunmawia, the Treasurer also gave a report of the financial position of the association. The position of funds in the respective accounts of the MCTA is as follows:
a) General Fund:        Rs.1,43,672.00
b) Condolence Fund:   Rs.2,26,480.00
c) Welfare Fund:        Rs.    45,143.00

It was also reported that a condolence programme of our beloved colleague, Dr. T.Lalsangliana, who passed away on 4th April 2012 was held on 24th May 2012. A condolence gift of Rs.1,00,000.00 (Rupees one lakh) was also handed over to the bereaved family on the same day.

On hearing this report, it was resolved that in future, the Annual General Conference should include in its programme or proceedings, a minute of silence in recognition of every one of our members who pass away in the particular year. A brief personal history of the deceased should also be read out before the delegates.

There are six colleges who have not yet contributed the Special Contribution. It was decided that a reminder to this effect should be sent in writing and also by telephone.

1. Annual Plan Budget Allocation for Salaries: The MCTA has taken actions on Plan allocation for Salaries of teachers to ensure adequate provision for one year. As far as the allocations already accorded in the ‘vote on account’ is concerned, it is known that Rs.5520.23 lakhs have been earmarked. (Rs.4272.50 lakhs for Non-Plan). Now, as Rs.2300 crores has been approved for the Mizoram Annual Plan 2012-13, we are not certain whether the sectoral allocation already made in the vote on account is actually followed, and whether the Draft Annual Plan has been prepared or not. We also discussed the desirability of sufficient allocation for Medical reimbursement. It was decided that the Office Bearers should take up this issue and monitor the position and its development to ensure sufficiency of the H&TE budget for salaries under Plan &Non-Plan.

2. Infrastructure Development: It is resolved that a representation be submitted to the Chief Minister to take the necessary steps of formulating a policy on infrastructure development for Colleges in Mizoram.

3. Funding Scheme for Resource Persons of National/International Seminar:  It is also resolved that a Scheme for Funding of Resource Persons who present National/International papers should be introduced by the Government of Mizoram. A representation in this regard should be submitted to the Chief Minister.

4. It is reported by the Chairman that some of our colleagues who have been awarded Ph.D after the implementation of 6th Pay Revision faced the difficulty of being given three non-compunded increments as an incentive guaranteed by the UGC Regulations 2010 and they submitted a letter in this connection to the President, MCTA. It is resolved that this issue should be taken up and ensure that the incentive is given to all those who are eligible to receive it.

5. AIFUCTO Golden Jubilee: It is decided that in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the AIFUCTO, a press handout be published in 2 or 3 local newspapers in the name of the MCTA.

6. AIFUCTO Hunger Strike: The AIFUCTO is to organize a hunger strike to press for the release of 80% Central Assistance. It is decided that the Office Bearers should see that on being actually organized nation-wide, then they will make arrangement that the  MCTA also follows this programme.


General Secretary