Minutes of Executive Meeting Dated 25.6.2012


Chairman         : Pu Thanglura, President, MCTA Hqrs.

Members Present    :
1.    Pu Thanglura, President
2.    Pu JH.Zoremthanga, Vice President
3.    Pu H.Lalnunmawia, Tresurer
4.    Pu CVL.Tlanhlua, Secretary i/c Organisation
5.    Pu R.Lalhmingthanga, Secretary i/c Finance
6.    Pu Lalengmawia, Govt. Saitual College
7.    Pu Vanlalchhunga, Govt. Serchhip College
8.    Dr. Lalhmingliana, IASE/CTE
9.    Pu S.Ngiahu, Govt. Saiha College
10.    Pu Lalhmingthanga, Govt. Hrangbana College
11.    Pu Lalsiamthanga, Govt. Hnahthial College
12.    Pu Zirlianngura, Govt. Zirtiri Res. Science College
13.    Dr. C.Lalremruata, Govt. J.Thankima College
14.    Pu H.Lalvulliana, Govt. Aizawl West College
15.    Pu Ngurthankima Sailo, Govt. Hrangbana College
16.    Dr. Benjamin Lalrinsanga, Govt. Aizawl West College
17.    Pu Vanlalsawma, Govt. Johnson College
18.    Pu T.Lalthangfala, Govt. Aizawl College
19.    Pu Ramhmangaiha Ralte, Govt. J.Thankima College
20.    Dr. R.Lalnuntluanga, Govt. Aizawl North College
21.    Pi H.Lalthanpuii, Govt. Khawzawl College

The Chairman invited Pu Vanlalchhunga to offer prayer. After offering prayer, the activities undertaken by the headquarters have been placed before the Meeting as under:

1. A representation containing several matters like infrastructure development and provision for payment of financial assistance to teachers who have participated as a paper presenter in the international conferences or seminars outside India, to be submitted to the Chief Minister is already prepared. However, due to the busy schedule of the Chief Minister, the representation was not yet submitted;

2. It is also reported that the Finance Department has recently approved payment of FPA to those eligible and granting of incentive to those PhD holder. However, further action will have to be taken in this regard.

3. The Meeting is also informed about some other activities of the headquarters in connection with creation of Professor Posts, GPF credit, adoption of MZU’s API/PBAS format etc.

4. It is also reported that a new Laptop Computer and Laser Printer has been purchased as per the resolution made earlier by the Committee

5. Finance reports have been laid by Pu H.Lalnunmawia, Treasurer as under:
Receipt                        Expenditure        Balance
A. Condolence Fund        
Rs. 326,480             Rs. 100,000        Rs. 226,480
B. Welfare Fund        
Rs. 75,143               Rs. 30,000          Rs. 45,143
C. General Fund        
Rs. 244,986             Rs. 67,504          Rs. 177,482


1. MATTERS RELATING TO FPA & CONFIRMATION: The Committee discussed the action undertaken by the Secretariat in connection with granting of FPA and confirmation of faculties of the newly provincialised colleges. It is decided that the action taken by the Secretariat be monitored, for which the Committee appointed Pu H.Lalnunmawia (Treasurer) and Pu R.Lalhmingthanga (Finance Secretary).

2. 80% OF CENTRAL ASSISTANCE: It is learnt that the Union Cabinet in its meeting held on 20th July 2012 approved the proposal for payment of 80% of Central share consequent upon the implementation of 6th UGC Pay irrespective of superannuation age. Accordingly, Central Financial assistance will be released to those States who have already made payment and already submitted a proposal for reimbursement. The Committee expressed its gratitude to this decision.

After deliberations the Meeting decided that all MCTA member branches be informed to prepare a fresh calculation in their respective college as per prescribed proforma and submit the same to the headquarters as early as possible. Henceforth, the Committee appointed the following executive members to re-examine the calculation already submitted to the MHRD and fresh calculation to be submitted by the member branches. Those members were:
Pu H.Lalnunmawia (Treasurer) – Convener
Pu R.Lalhmingthanga (Finance Secretary)
Pu T.Lalthangfala
Pu Lalchangliana
Pu Zirlianngura

3. INVITATION FROM PRISM: Prism has invited the MCTA to send a representative in the celebration function of the 6th Prism Day on August 1, 2012. No specific decision is made in this regard.
4. PURCHASE OF COMPUTER TABLE: The Committee also decided a computer table that to be installed at the MCTA Office may be purchased. The action is left to be taken by the General Secretary and Treasurer.


Minute Recorder