Letter Regarding Introduction of Schemes for Funding of Resource Persons

                                                                                       No.MCTA/GC/2011-13/8 Dated. 29th June, 2012


The Honourable Chief Minister,
Mizoram : Aizawl

Subject: Application for introduction of Schemes for funding of Resource Persons in national and international Seminars/Workshop.

It is our honour to bring your kind attention that teachers working in Government colleges of Mizoram are from time to time invited to present seminar papers at the national and international levels as per UGC guidelines and norms for quality enhancement and Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) of higher education. We feel proud to have such persons amongst us who have the acclaimed skills and knowledge as to merit being invited in various parts of India and abroad to share their

While this is so, such persons invited as said above have very limited financial resources to meet the necessary expenditure of travel, food and lodging etc. Even if they have a financial source, they are paid ex-post facto. This scenario is of great inconvenience for such teachers because it discourages the opportunity of exposure of intellectual knowledge. We are of the opinion that an immediate introduction of a - Scheme for funding of Resource Persons in National/International Seminars/Workshops etc - under the Government of Mizoram is necessary. If such a scheme is introduced and implemented the state government will make itself a stakeholder and a direct supporter towards the development of intellectual skills worthy of being a disseminated elsewhere and will reflect the Mizoram government in a very positive credible light.

We, therefore request you to kindly take the necessary actions for the introduction of the scheme as proposed. We would be very thankful and much obliged to you if such a scheme is introduced and implemented under your dynamic leadership.

Yours faithfully,

General Secretary