Letter to Chief Minister on Introduction of Policy for Development of College Infrastructure

                                                                                   No.MCTA/GC/2011-13/9, Dated 29th June 2012


The Honourable Chief Minister
Mizoram: Aizawl

Subject: Application to introduce a policy on Development and Upgradation of Infrastructure for colleges in Mizoram.


We convey our greetings to you on behalf of the Mizoram College Teachers’ Association. We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you for the ample favour already extended by you to us.

We would like to draw your kind attention to the point that the Colleges under the Government of Mizoram are functioning under conditions of inadequate physical infrastructure. Most of the colleges are ill-equipped in terms of college buildings, classrooms, library, students’ recreation rooms and teachers’ common rooms etc. This inadequate infrastructure is being manifested in the recently high demand for college admission brought about by the introduction of nation wide Sementer system from 2011. This is well in excess of the capacities of the existing colleges especially in Aizawl. In the absence of a proper policy towards the development and upgradation of infrastructure for the colleges, this trend is likely to continue unabated. It is therefore arguably necessary that the government should evolve a policy of infrastructural development and upgradation for the colleges to ensure better quality in Higher Education, and also for the sustainable development of higher education in Mizoram. We believe that development of physical infrastructure for Higher Education is an imperative necessity. It may be stated that as per Central Government Policy, Higher Education is put in priority sector, In this connection, we propose that development and upgradation of higher education be included in the priority list of Ministry of DONER for fund allocation. Apart from this, we further request you to personally and kindly extend your good office for this matter to be taken up with the Planning Commission/Finance Commission in view of the necessity of the situation. We firmly believe that this is a sector or an area from which we can bring about progress and development for the state of Mizoram.

We, therefore, earnestly request you to take the necessary steps in this direction, for which we shall remain grateful.

Yours faithfully,

General Secretary