Letter to VC on Coding System

No.MCTA/MZU/2013-15/                                                                                     Date: 23.05.2015

The Vice Chancellor,
Mizoram University (MZU)
Tanhril: Aizawl

Subject: Conveying resolution of MCTA Executive Committee meeting held on 22.05.2015

We beg your kind permission to lay down the resolution of the MCTA Executive Committee meeting cited as above which reads that “As the MZU Examination Department is not implementing Coding system in the Undergraduate Examination 2015, the MCTA resolves that its members should not be involved in evaluation”. The following points may be related to you in support of the resolution.

1. Coding system had been discontinued with UG Examination papers in May 2014. The MCTA viewed this as a serious slip up and brought it to your notice on 17th Sept. 2014. Consequently, the MCTA in its 36th Annual General Conference held in December 014 resolved that ‘Coding system should be renewed and the matter be brought to the notice of the MZU authorities’. As the matter was discussed in your esteemed office with the MCTA leaders on 5th May 2015, we were optimistic about the implementation of coding system.

2. The MCTA leadership again discussed the same with the Controller of Examination MZU on 15th May 2015 in which the desirability of coding system and the possible options for its implementation were brought out by the MCTA representatives. However, it was learned from the COE that due to shortage of time between conclusion of examinations and publication of results, coding system could not be implemented.
After taking stock of all these developments and finally learning that Coding system is not followed in the UG Examinations 2015, we are obligated to inform you that the MCTA came to the resolution as above, for which we beg your kind understanding in this regard.


Yours faithfully,

(THANGLURA)                                                                             (DR.P.L.RAMLIANA)
    President                                                                                 General Secretary

Copy to:
1. PS to Hon’ble Minister, H&TE for information.
2. Commissioner & Secretary, H&TE for information.
3. Director, H&TE, for information and necessary action
4. President/Secretary, Principal Council, for information and necessary action.
5. President/Secretary, PUCTA for information and necessary action.
6. President, MZP Gen. Hqrs for information & necessary action
7. President, MSU Gen.Hqrs for information & necessary action
8. Controller of Examinations, Mizoram University (MZU).


                                                                                                  General Secretary