Letter to VC Regarding MCTA Conference Resolutions 2015

No.MCTA/MZU/2013-15/ Date:16.2.2015

The Vice Chancellor
Mizoram University (MZU)
Tanhril: Aizawl

Subject: Submission of Resolutions of MCTA General Conference 2014 for favour of implementation by Mizoram University (MZU).

We request your kind permission to lay down the following points which have been resolved by the Mizoram College Teachers Association in its General Conference held in December 2014 for your kind perusal and necessary action towards their implementation with immediate effect. The resolutions are self explanatory and they are presented as follows:

1. Examination Department of MZU be requested to renew the usage of Coding System on UG answer papers to maintain confidentiality in evaluation process.
2. Examination Department of MZU be requested to appoint paper setter for setting of paper only on their confined papers. (care should also be given to moderation).
3. Let all the practical examination fee collected be retained by the respective colleges without remitting to the University (MZU).
4. Let the MCTA intensify its pressure on the MZU to conduct Semester examinations (1st to 6th Semesters).
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(THANGLURA)                                                                                            (DR.P.L.RAMLIANA)
   President                                                                                                 General Secretary


Copy to:
1. Controller of Examinations, Mizoram University. Tanhril, Aizawl.

                                                                                                                  General Secretary