Letter to VC on Resolution of MCTA Extended Meeting Regarding CBCS

No.MCTA/MZU/2013-15/                                                                                              Date: 05.05.2015


The Vice Chancellor,
Mizoram University (MZU)
Tanhril: Aizawl

Subject: Forwarding of the resolution of Extended Meeting of the Mizoram College Teachers’ Association (MCTA) held on 29th April 2015, for favour of inclusion in the agenda of the Academic Council.

We beg your kind permission to allow us to submit the resolution of the MCTA’s extended meeting which was attended by 47 college teachers representing various colleges in Mizoram.
The MCTA in its extended meeting elaborately discussed the impending Choice Based Credit System and the meeting is aware that the recommendations of MZU Committee on CBCS headed by Prof.S.K.Mehta has been accepted by the Vice Chancellor and it is likely to be introduced in Undergraduate Colleges in Mizoram once the Academic Council approves the system. After careful deliberation was made, it is unanimously resolved as follows: “The action being taken for introduction of CBCS is acceptable in principle, but a hasty implementation of the same is not tenable on the following grounds:
1. Immediate introduction of CBCS is not welcomed by the MCTA.
2. It is learned that the UGC has come up with fresh proposal in April 2015, which is in connection with the undergraduate system of education. As such, it is not safe to introduce CBCS immediately, knowing that CBCS shall again be superseded by another system in the near future.
3. CBCS has to be thoroughly weighted and evaluated before it is introduced in UG colleges.
4. The UGC guideline for formulation of syllabi does not permit the inclusion of regional context in the syllabi which is not welcomed by the MCTA.
5. Infrastructure deficiency in undergraduate colleges of Mizoram shall preclude them from implementing CBCS successfully.
6. Whereas it appears that bigger and fully fledged undergraduate colleges elsewhere in India have not yet introduced CBCS, it is not pertinent to be introduced in Mizoram”.
We may therefore request you that “CBCS should not be implemented for undergraduate colleges in Mizoram in the near future” be kindly included in the agenda for the coming Academic council meeting.


Yours faithfully,

(THANGLURA)                                                                                                       (Dr.P.L.RAMLIANA)
   President                                                                                                            General Secretary

Copy to:
1. Secretary, PUCTA for information
2. Principal Council, Mizoram Colleges, for information.

                                                                                                                            General Secretary