To Principals & Br. Dt. 20.9.2012

                                                                                  No.MCTA/Br/2011-13/ Dated 20th September 2012


The Principal,

Subject:  Forwarding of the MCTA resolution vis-à-vis Request for Observation of Transparency and stringency relating to UGC Funds.

Dear Sir,

We are conveying our greetings and best wishes to you in the name of the Mizoram College teachers’ Association, Headquarters Aizawl.

We may state Sir, as between teachers and Principals working in colleges, that we are commonly aware of the mode of transfer of resources from the University Grants Commission to Colleges. This mode of direct transfer of resources from various schemes of the UGC is intended to avoid red tape and uphold financial autonomy of the colleges registered under section 2(f) and 12(b) of the UGC Rules and Regulations. We must admit that this channelisation system has been very much welcome and beneficial for all colleges especially in Mizoram where financial assistance for development of college infrastructure is not adequately provided by the state government.

While this is so, it is undoubtedly necessary to exercise transparency and utmost care in dealing with the funds received from the UGC. All colleges are expected to abide by the rules and observe formalities of the UGC by complying with the necessity of forming Purchase Committee/Building Committee etc and effectively functioning in the colleges. Active cooperation between teachers and Principals in this regard is indispensable.

The MCTA is concerned with recent exposure of cases of misappropriation of the said funds as such undesirable news blemishes the noble profession of teaching and its institutions.  In this connection, we are now conveying to you the resolution of the MCTA Executive Committee dated 24th August 2012 which resolved that ‘a request to exercise stringency and transparency in dealing with the UGC Funds be circulated to all Principals of the Colleges, in which the Mizoram College Teachers’ Association has branches’.

We earnestly beg to emphasise that this is a request with an intention for the betterment and sustainability of development of Higher Education in Mizoram, and should not be construed as otherwise.

Yours sincerely,


General Secretary

Copy to:
1.The Secretary, Govt.of Mizoram: Higher & Technical Education Department
2.The Director, Higher & Technical Education Department
3.College Development Officer, Higher & Technical Education Department
4. All MCTA Branch Secretaries

General Secretary